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Moderate Flow Yoga: This is a full range of postures for the student wanting to go to the next level from a gentle practice. Correct alignment is taught along with breath awareness.This energetic practice will help strenghten, build flexibility and endurance, while relieving stress, leaving you peaceful and clam upon completion. Please bring your own mats, props and also a hand towel to class. (One hour fifteen minutes) Please check calender for any changes!
Schedule: Monday 5:45pm to 7:00pm. Henegar Center 625 New Haven Ave Downtown Melbourne. $10.00

"I have attended Moderate Yoga and Power Flow Yoga classes instructed by Biddy Lamb for several months. Biddy is an exceptional instructor, always ensuring that your yoga experience is safe and challenging. Her manner of teaching is extremely motivational and insightful. Her warmth and compassion reflects in each class she offers. She is one of the best instructors that I have had in the two years that I have been practicing yoga." - Lucie Georgi

"Biddy's moderate yoga class is special because of the unique and creative way she guides you through the poses. One pose flows gracefully and smoothly to the next, and I always feel so balanced when I complete her class. In addition, Biddy has a great sense of humor which makes her yoga classes fun. A great instructor!" - Claire Peffer

Level 1 Beginner Class: This class is perfect for the student that completed the Level 1 Intro to Yoga and for the student who has a home/studio practice at the beginner level. All postures taught complete with modifications if necessary.
Schedule A: Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm. 625 hew Haven Ave Henegar Center Garden Room

Power Vanyasa: This is a "high-energy" Ashtunga-derived practice that builds core heat and is a complete workout for the entire body. The class starts with warm ups followed by a series of Full and half sun salutations, continuing into a series of intermediate level postures held for three to five breaths, that will increase flexibility, tone, strength, endurance and balance. As this is an energetic, cardio workout, full instruction and modifications are given for each posture. However, this class is not recommended for beginners. If you are ready to challenge yourself, deepen your practice and take it to the next level, this class is for you! Get ready to sweat and detoxify! Please bring your own mat,props, and hand towel. Please check calender for any changes!
Schedule: Thursday 5:45pm to 7:00pm. Henegar Center 625 New Haven Ave Downtown Melbourne. $10.00

Intermediate Power Vanyasa Class: This class is for a more advanced student at a Level 2-3. A great workout with complete instruction and modifications if necessary. Great for the student who completed the Level 2 Intro to Yoga workshop or one who wants to challenge themselves and learn new postures.
Schedule: Saturday 10:00am to 11:15am. Henegar Center 625 New Haven Ave Downtown Melbourne. $10.00

Sports Team Training Class: This class is for junior high and high school athletics teams focusing on stretching. Please contact Biddy if you are interested and to schedule a team class.


Level 1 Intro to Yoga: This is for the beginning student or for the practitioner who wants to polish and refine their practice. 20 plus basic postures are taught with complete instruction along with modifications and breath awareness. This is 3 hours, don't let it scare you, there are 10 minute breaks! You will learn benefits as well as contraindications along with some wisdom, philosophy and insights! Upon completion of this workshop the student will be geared toward a gentle or moderate class. Please bring your own mats,props and hand towel.
Schedule:Classes held once a month, pre-registration required, please check calender for times. $45.00

"I would like to take a moment to convey how much I appreciated and benefited from your Level 1 Intro Workshop. I feel you very much prepared me to move on to the next levels in my practice. I felt you even showed me more than just the basics which gave me an edge to the next level. I found the structure , guidance, and energy of the workshop was great. Thanks so much and I look forward to more classes with you." - Namaste Sutton

Level 2 Intro to Yoga: If you are ready to move out of a gentle/moderate class and into the next level this workshop is for you.The workshop is taught in the same format as the level 1 workshop. It is also 3 hours with breaks in between, introducing 20 new postures of a more moderate level along with new breath techniques, benefits and contraindications. Complete instruction along with modifications. This workshop is for the student who wants to advance to the next level as well as those who are some what advanced and want to learn the correct alignment of the postures they are currently doing. Perfect for the student who has already taken the "Level 1 Intro" workshop and is looking to advance their practice or for someone who's practice might be too advanced for the "Level 1 Intro". Upon completing this workshop, you will feel comfortable enough to advance to the next level of your practice. Please bring your own mats, props and hand towel.
Schedule: Classes held once a month pre-registration required, please check calender for times. $45.00

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