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Call it an educational consultation. This is your opportunity to glean years of personal service and education from Biddy, mix it with your ideas of a new hair style, throw in the way you live your life, and develop a personally designed hair style that not only makes you comfortable but makes you smile every time you look in the mirror. Before she even touches your hair, she finds it important to talk to you; to find out the goals you have with your hair; your fears; your likes and dislikes; to confidently know the style and direction you want to go. So before the scissors or the dye come out, you talk!


Hair styling is like art and your hair like a blank canvas. There are countless techniques and a myriad of methods that can be applied to provide you the style you desire. When executed properly these methods come together to provide a great design. Below are some of the different services offered by Veda Salon:

Women's Precision Cut and Finish Virgin Single Process Color
Men's Precision Cut and Finish Color Retouch
Child's Precision Cut and Finish Foil Highlighting
Thermal Straightening Partial Foil (T-zone)
Hair Therapy Treatment Hairline Highlights
Facial Waxing Corrective Color Work

Smile in the mirror. Then go home and gather the compliments from your husband. Biddy is sure even the kids will notice. And then wear that head of hair...enjoy it...take care of it. And come back to see her soon.