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In an ancient Hindu language called Sanskrit, the word Veda means 'knowledge'. After buying the salon and the name from its owner over 17 years ago, Biddy decided to stick with this name as it accurately describes her goals and vision in hair styling.

There is a wide spread misconception that a "a hair cut is a hair cut" and this is simply not true. A good hair cut demonstrates a successful transfer of knowledge--not only in its technical appearance, like how the hair was cut and styled, but also how the client is shown to care for it and get the most out of its appearance. Biddy has taken this aspect of her job very seriously and over the years has attended some of the top hair styling academies in the country. She finds it vital to know the latest techniques and methods and be able to properly execute them.

That being said, what did she do before entering the hair industry? Biddy was in accounting for 10 years, until a desire to own her own business together with wanting a job that allowed her to tap into her creativity spurred her to quit the accounting industry and become trained as a stylist. It has been one of her wisest decisions! "I certainty enjoy the creative part of my work, but the most gratifying thing is to see how happy someone is when they leave, and to get a call the next day to tell you how happy they are with their hair. This makes my day! I have clients that have been with me for over a decade, and I no longer see these people as clients but as family. I truly have a good time when these people are in my chair."

On the more personal side, Biddy has a wonderful 33 year old son who lives in Orlando. He still comes home for hair cuts-ha! She also has two "furry" children named Bogie and Bacall that are Cairn Terriers that she likes to take every where she can. She also enjoys biking, going to the gym, roller blading, pilates, and just about anything outside. If she can fit in a movie and cook a gourmet meal on the weekend, then her week is complete!

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