Just off of Hibiscus Avenue in Melbourne, Veda Salon has been in operation for close to 17 years. Over that period of time, the owner and stylist, Biddy Lamb, has seen the coming and going of many different hair styles.

Over the course of these years, she wasn't a by-stander to these changing styles but worked to stay on top of the techniques and methods involved. From learning new design techniques to understanding the latest in coloring, Biddy has always worked to stay at the forefront of the hair industry. And her service reflects this commitment.

"I see this salon as different from others as it is more of a one on one environment. I feel my pre-cut consultation with the client as the most important process of the entire hair styling process. It is the foundation of the service as it serves not only as an educational process for me, but also for the client."


Since I moved to Melbourne 6 years ago, I've been to many salons and full service spas to have my hair maintained. The last salon I visited before coming to Veda's is a local salon that "specializes" in color. Not only was my color faded and dull but I had been having difficulty styling my hair since the stylist cut it 7 Weeks prior. I took a younger picture of myself, with a cut and color that I liked, to Biddy the day before my appointment for a color consult. Biddy expressed concern about the color of my hair on the day of the consult and said that the last stylist to color my hair must have used a temporary color or rinse. Upon closer inspection of the cut, Biddy pointed out that there had been no attempt to make even, geometric cuts to any section of my hair. I returned to Veda's the next day and received the cut and color that I asked for, at a reasonable price. It's been a month since my visit and the color is beautiful. The cut is so good that even if my hair dries naturally, my hair still looks great. Biddy listens to what you want and has the experience and skills to give you what you pay for.
- Tammy Gates, Melbourne FL

Biddy Lamb has just started styling my hair. I had been going to the same hairdresser for 20 years before his reitrement. Naturally I was pretty nervous about finding a new hairdresser. I went to a couple of places in town and was not particularly satisfied so I started searching on the internet for salons in Melbourne. When I found Biddy's website something appealed to me and I decided to give her a call. Before she did anything, she invited me in to talk. I decided to give it a try. I made an appointment and had my hair cut a week later. I was very pleased with the results. My hair is easy to maintain and it looks healthy, which is very important to me. A few weeks later I needed to have my hair colored and Biddy did that too. It turned out great. She understood exactly what I was looking for and was able to blend the perfect color for me. I am very happy to have found Biddy. She has a small one on one shop, which I like, and she listens to what you want.
-Rose Ansell, West Melbourne FL

Biddy Lamb has been doing my hair since 1999. She has an in-depth knowledge of color, hair design and precision cutting. She designed a haircut for me that is an absolute perfect fit. We change it every so often but it always reflects my personality and style.
I always have people stop me on the street and ask me who does my hair. I get so many compliments on my hair everywhere I go. I have traveled fairly extensively and have received compliments on my hairstyle from literally all over the globe - Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico and of course here in the US. One time I was in Atlanta and was walking past a hair salon and two hairdressers actually came out and asked me where I got my hair done!
Biddy has a definite flair and sense of style. I love my haircut…and my color.
-Donna Klair, Indialantic FL

Biddy has been cutting my hair for 17 years. She is in Melbourne, and my home is in Orlando. As you know, there are tons of wonderful stylists in Orlando. But every time I tried someone in Orlando, they didn't measure up, so I remain in Biddy's chair. I especially like her new salon, and the one on one treatment. She is on top of every new technique, and is a beautiful,caring person as well as an excellent hair stylist.
-Margaret Reed, Orlando FL

I am completely new to the area, so I had my color and cut done before I left Washington DC, to make it last as long as possible before I was forced to find a new stylist. Well, a couple weeks of heat and humidity in FL and I knew I couldn't deal with my hair any longer. I found Biddy, owner of Veda Salon through an internet search. I liked her website and liked her customer service even better...she called me back right away after I left a message, even though she wasn't in the shop that day. She suggested I drop in and we discuss what I wanted to do with my hair before setting an actual appointment. When I showed up, she was foiling a client who had been with her for almost 20 years. "She must be doing something right" I thought. I loved her salon space-she works in an upstairs loft in a business mall-lots of light. We talked about my color and briefly about cut, and she scheduled me for that week. Biddy was amazing!!! She matched my color perfectly and I have the BEST haircut of my life. I had overly-blonde shoulder length hair when I went in and now I have a soft blonde, sassy, short punky haircut which is better than I could have ever imagined. She took her time, cut it carefully, explained my texture and what would work with my hair and how she was cutting it. She even explained how to style my hair (super easy) which alot of stylists don't do and didn't push a certain brand of product at me, which I really appreciate. If you're looking for a great stylist in the melbourne area, go check Biddy out-you won't be sorry!
-Marty S, Satellite Beach FL

I’ve been going to Biddy for over 10 years now, and it’s because she ALWAYS cuts and colors my hair the way I ask (unless the style would never work with my hair). She explains the pros and cons of the style and then does exactly what I ask for. I constantly get compliments on my hair style and color. I can’t imagine going to anyone else!
-Wendy H, Melbourne FL

I have been a client for 25 years! My one constant indulgence in my life has been having a weekly hair appointment--- keeps me looking my best and ready for whatever my life demands. I "discovered" Biddy at the the beginning of her hairdresser career. Wherever she worked, I followed her and she's never failed me. I've witnessed her dedication to continue to grow, to attend special training from top national schools, to become the best she can be in the field. She is a "people"person, enjoying her clients and has become a special friend through the years, going the "extra mile" for her customers. I have to share a time I will never forget. I had an appointment with her, the day before my annual trip to Seattle. Hurricane warnings had come up and we had had to evacuate our beachside home the previous day. We made it through the storm in a mainland hotel, but power was out and we were "stuck" on the mainland awaiting causeways to be opened. I told my husband "I have an appointment with Biddy right now. I'm just going to go by her shop just in case maybe she's there". Well-will never forget getting there and I saw her car!! Went to door and there she was! "What are you doing here?" I asked? Her reply: "You're going to Seattle tomorrow, aren't you?" I couldn't believe she had left home and gone through trees down/ water drowned streets to for me--- hoping that shop had not lost power and that I'd come. Somehow power WAS on and I was set for my trip, not looking like a "drowned rat". What a caring, thoughtful friend. I love how she cuts/styles/foils my hair and absolutely would not go anywhere else!
-Sheila D, Indialantic FL

I have know Biddy for over 5 years and not only is she a wonderful person she is incredibly gifted in the art of transformation. Biddy has the expertise, knowledge, and years of experience to turn blah hair into WOW hair!! On more than one occasion when I have taken it upon myself to color my hair and then changed my mind, Biddy has come to my rescue and given me a look that is complimented wherever I go. When you first meet with Biddy she takes the time and really listens to what you have to say. She asks many questions to get to the conclusion YOU are looking for. You will not find another specialist like Biddy who truly goes the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction. If your hair is in need of a total transformation or if your looking for something new and flattering and not sure where to go and have had previous bad experiences and your "hair shy" - Call VEDA Salon and let Biddy take care of you. You will be so pleased you did. And then, when your out with your friends and they say "WOW, who did your hair, I need to go there" you can tell them "Biddy at Veda Salon."
-Joy R, Melbourne FL


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