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Generation: Baby Boomer

Are you a baby boomer battling the monotony of a plain hair style? Maybe you have watched the reality "make over" shows in envy, wishing you too could sit under the scissors of a professional and become a new person. Well Veda Hair salon, led by owner and stylist Biddy Lamb, has the perfect solution for you.

Veda Hair Salon is proud to offer a new service targeted to men and women 45 to 60 years old.

"What I feel the client is looking for is a new younger look, without having to go to a more aggressive service such as plastic surgery or injections which is much more costly", says Biddy Lamb.

A Boomer Make Over starts with a personalized consultation followed by a new hair style and a color service. Prices start at $75.00+ depending on the length of hair and if a foil highlight is completed after the coloring.

So if you are interested in a new look, a refined look, or a fresh look, there is no need to sign up for a reality make over show. In one to two hours, Veda Hair Salon will revitalize your style.

For more information, contact Biddy Lamb.




"At 54 I was concerned with how grey/silver my hair had become. My appearance was making me feel older then I was. I began to notice how other friends, also with hair now absent it's original color, looked so much older than photographs I had of them when their hair was more it's natural color and how much more youthful were those acquaintances who's hair had retained more of it's natural coloration.

With some trepidation, I decided to allow Veda Hair Salon owner Biddy Lamb to give me a baby boomer make over. In about 15 minutes, she had suggested both a different hair style, combined with hair coloration. I was concerned that both would be so unnatural that I would be embarrassed at work by those who knew the old me. Even so, I felt it was worth the risk and decided to follow her recommendation.

In less then 2 ½ hours I had both a new hair style and my original hair color had returned. I was very pleased with the professional approach and execution of Ms. Lamb's efforts.

When I returned to work, some folks stared at the change, but most came up to me and said how much younger it made me look and asked how they might do the same thing. I also noticed that many women at the office were now coming by to talk and were actually flirting with me! Some of my male friends even asked me who I had used, and said they were now thinking of doing the same thing.

As I did for them,I'll do for you...I highly recommend Veda Salon."